Global Business Consultation

Business Consultation (BC)

Our extensive experience in the field of business set up and business processes improvements and the use of specialized tools allows us to select the proper and ideal business partners, our support is goes beyond only selection it will focus also in partner organization activities check and evaluation to insureto how it can fit manufacturer business requirements .

CCG-BC is a boutique consultancy providing results-based, proven business development solutions. We empower clients to accelerate commercialization, increase revenues & profit margins, expand markets and enhance their competitive positions.

Our experienced team crafts proactive business development solutions for long-term success, structured to meet your objectives and budget.

Our Business Approach Includes

Business analysis of the organization’s policies, processes (process mapping), behaviours and their alignment with the strategic objectives and possibility to add the selected new product.

Marketing approaches and market analysis which marketing strategy will going to used and how partner can develop the current strategy.

Efficiency review: ‘Lean’ methods emphasising efficient flows and reductions of perational bottlenecks.

implementation of the process management system and regulation of activities

management of the cost of business processes

Deployment of best-in-class enterprise process modelling tools to ensure process integration across the organization.

Market Development

  • Target Markets Analysis
  • Priority Sectors Evaluation
  • Opportunity Valuation.
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Tactical Implementation
  • Go-To-Market Planning
  • Channel Optimization
  • Start Up Facilitation
  • Partner Search
  • Company Due Diligence

Innovation+Asset scouting

  • Analyze key products + technologies
  • Identify innovation gaps
  • Identify external opportunities
  • Technical feasibility
  • Commercialization time
  • Technology sourcing
  • Geographic challenges
  • Intellectual property
  • Research institutes + academic
  • Government + public sources


  • Formulate customized market entry strategy
  • Implement partner search program
  • Research and identify all potential partner candidates
  • Develop a “long list” of partner candidates
  • Develop an action plan for each company


  • Determine competitive advantages
  • Provide market analysis
  • High growth prospects
  • Fewer barriers to entry
  • Technology level
  • IP protection
  • Determine competitivelandscapes
  • Establish pricing and margins